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PRP Hair Treatment

What is PRP Therapy?

Major Benefits of taking PRP Hair Loss Treatment

There is a great deal of surgical treatments for hair loss or depilation however typically; patients don't favor to endure surgical procedure and appearance for a natural, non-surgical treatment. PRP hair treatment may be an ideal resolution for such patients. PRP is a natural non-surgical treatment giving a great deal of advantages for patients. You are getting ready to test top advantages PRP provide you.

Natural Therapy

PRP is a fully natural hair treatment. In this treatment, you own blood is employed to nourish the scalp that ends up in natural re-growth of hair.

Non-surgical Treatment

This is a non-surgical treatment. An injection is injected into your scalp and therefore the task is completed. No any surgery is required.

Permanent Results

The PRP has growth factors that rejuvenate the scalp and therefore the roots of the hair. Therefore, the results we tend to get from the procedure are durable. However, the results rely upon your life style in addition.

Quick Recovery Time

The recovery time of this procedure is quick and you'll perform your daily activities shortly. Generally, this is often associate degree patient procedure and you are doing not have to be compelled to keep within the hospital.

Safe Treatment

As this is often a natural treatment, it's no side-effects. You will observe swelling on the scalp and round the eyes once some hours however this happens in rare cases. Results are unacceptable only you're treated by associate degree unauthorized doctor.

Reliable Treatment

If you have got chosen associate degree authentic doctor, you'll hope for your required results. The probabilities of failure are very low. This treatment is thought for reliable results.

Reasonable Treatment

This is a cheap and reasonable treatment. This procedure doesn't use a great deal of devices and tools and this is often not a surgical procedure.

Promotes re-growth of Hair

PRP provides you permanent results. Your hair can stay healthy for an extended time to grow. However, you wish a healthy diet for keeping your hair healthy in addition.

Enhances Your Look

After you have got seen complete results, you're liberated to treat your hair as you would like. You will apply your required hairstyle or product. Along with your shiny hair, you'll enhance your look in addition.

Boosts Your Confidence

Hair loss or depilation isn't solely physical issues however these diseases have an effect on your science in addition. When you are happy along with your look, you'll begin feeling unconfident in social things. With PRP, you'll bring your shiny hair back so you'll groom yourself once more.


At the point when PRP is infused into the harmed zone, it invigorates a mellow provocative reaction, which triggers the mending course. Once the blood segments are isolated, the candidate's plasma with a combination of platelets is injected into the bald area.

Blood Sampling: Initially, a decided amount of blood between 60-100ml is taken from the patient’s arm and centrifuged.

Growth Factor Concentration: Secondly, the scalp is invigorated to initiate the injury mending process. This procedure should be performed with a specific end goal to utilize the growth elements and platelets that PRP treatment gives

PRP Infusion/Injection: The third step in the PRP procedure is the re-infusion of the platelet and development component loaded factors into the scalp.

A day at Medilife-Video

A day at Medilife -Video

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