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Pre and Post Surgery Instructions

Four week before surgery

Perform the Scalp Stretching Exercise Maintain an adequate length of hair (about one inch) on the rear of your head. Your donor grafts are far away from here and you ought to expect coverage following your procedure. Please inform the doctor concerning drug allergic reaction.

Two weeks before surgery

• No vasodilative or Rogaine.
• One week before surgery
• No clopidogrel bisulfate, pain pill (acetylsalicylic acid - A.S.A.) or anti-inflammatory drug medications that contain pain pill.
• No fat-soluble vitamin, Fish oil.
• No gingko, Ginseng or alternative flavouring supplements.
• Continue your regular medicines unless the doctor told you to prevent taking them.
• If you've got high pressure level and taking medication please inform your doctor to not use blocking agent for one week before surgery and switch to alternative drug.

One day before surgery

• No Alcohol and stop smoking
• Make arrangements for somebody to require you to and from the clinic as a result of you've got to require oral sedation additionally to native anesthetics.
• Confirm your appointment
• Consultation or obtain antiseptic shampoo and pre op antibiotics at the clinic
• Clear the payment

On surgery day

• Wash your hair within the morning exploitation given antiseptic shampoo a minimum of five minutes (antiseptic hand wash will be substituted for Betadine scrub and Hibitane scrub)
• Wear a button-down shirt and comfy pants. You ought to additionally bring Associate in Nursing adjustable jockey cap or scarf alongside you.
• Do not wear something that may have to be force tightly over your head and for many days once surgery.
• No tight hats or caps.
• You might have lightweight breakfast, however don't drink tea and low

Scalp Stretching Exercises

• It is extraordinarily necessary to stretch, and loosen, your scalp the maximum amount as doable before hair transplant. So as to accomplish "scalp stretching," you ought to perform the subsequent maneuver.
• Grasp your lower scalp by the hair close to the lower hairline, and pull upward as firmly as doable, with the heel of your palm.
• Hold it as tightly upward as you'll (maximum elevation) for ten seconds, then relax for ten seconds. Repeat over and over.

Post Instructions


• A spray bottle and a water answer are provided on discharge. you'll use water once the answer provided is finished.
• You can have to be compelled to spray the transplanted space and therefore the donor each twenty minutes for the primary twelve hours. once doing this place some towels around your shoulders and let all the water drip down
• You can have to be compelled to spray smartly, use each hands to confirm that you just cowl all the transplanted and donor space. don't bit the transplanted hair
• Once you've got completed the twelve hours of spraying you ought to sleep for many hours
• Drink lots of water throughout now and eat as traditional
• You might store the 1L bottle within the refrigerator
• Pre medication is given throughout surgery and it's necessary you are doing not drive after

DAY one to DAY three

• On day one day (after the surgery) to three day, you ought to spray hourly throughout your waking hours and sleep as traditional at the hours of darkness
• You might use water once the answer provided is finished
• Spraying prevents any scab formation on the transplanted space and on the donor space. The transplanted grafts additionally have to be compelled to be unbroken hydrous throughout this era, this is often essential for his or her survival

DAY 4 to DAY 14

• You can start a tea tree shampoo regime on day four
• Fill a clean bowl with lukewarm water, place ten ML of shampoo in and blend it up to form it quite saponaceous and with a cup or bowl, pour the answer over the transplanted space and therefore the donor space, and launder any saponaceous answer. you'll pat it gently with a clean towel
• This ought to be done once daily from day four up till day fourteen
• Note: don't stand underneath an influence shower and don't wear a hat throughout now. Don’t use any product in your hair. Allow your hair to dry naturally, don't towel dry or blow dry your hair
• You might continue spraying the donor space throughout day four to fourteen to alleviate any skin sensation. You will keep the spray bottle within the refrigerator.



This could typically occur twenty four to forty eight hours once the surgery. You will notice some swelling within the forehead, which can travel down towards the eyelids. This can resolve itself, while not intervention; typically forty eight to seventy two hours once it begins.


There is also some hemorrhage directly once the surgery from the donor area, if any hemorrhage happens, it's necessary to use pressure with some gauze for as long because it takes to settle


Generally pain will occur within the donor and therefore the transplanted space, Solpadeine and Nurofen are counseled for this, and you'll take these alternating each three hours. Please see specific directions regarding pain relief provided.
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