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Hair Transplant in Jammu

Why hair transplant surgery is the best option for hair loss problem?

Hair loss issues are typically caused due to various reasons. Whereas the tactic is curable and reversible in many cases, there are instances after new hair growth refuses to grow as a result of permanent injury to follicles and conjointly the scalp. These are the things after hair transplant involves the rescue.
Hair transplantation is mostly achieved by removing grafts/follicles from the rear of the highest that are heaps of immune to secretion changes, and inserting them in areas of scanty growth or depilation. There are a number of ways to get rid of the grafts such as Meso therapy, FUT & FUE.

Hair harvesting methods ways for Hair Transplantation Scalp Reduction

Scalp reduction is one in all the earliest hair transplantation ways. Throughout this technique, scalp from the bald-headed house is surgically removed. Most of the time, the globe removed is from the crown or the very best of the highest. Post removal, the scalp house that bears hair is stretched over to cover and replace the patch that has been removed.

Strip harvest

The strip technique can be a way of obtaining cyst units from a donor strip that is taken from a neighborhood of non-balding scalp at the rear or sides of the highest. This is done by removing the grafts from the strip mistreatment operating microscopes, thus movement the grafts at intervals the bald or dilution areas. Today, scalp reduction or strip harvest is not usually used as a result of the heaps of advanced bio stimulated, FUE and FUT hair transplant procedures.

FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a technique of extracting, or "harvesting," donor hair in a passing cyst unit hair transplant procedure. In FUE hair transplant surgery; an instrument is used to create a touch, circular incision at intervals the skin around a cyst unit, separating it from the peripheral tissue. The unit is then extracted (pulled) directly from the scalp, feat a touch open hole. The cyst units are then placed into the recipient sites where they will grow into healthy hair-producing follicles. The creation of recipient sites and conjointly the inserting of cyst unit grafts are primarily constant in every FUE, FUT, stem cell therapy and PRP hair treatment procedures. Along with advance FUE Hair Transplant treatment, we also provide best hair transplant in Jammu, prp hair transplant in Jammu, body hair transplant in Jammu, fue hair transplant in Jammu.

FUT Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) can be a surgery where hair is transplanted at intervals the bald-headed or hair dilution areas by removing a strip of hair from the rear or the facet of the highest since, the rear and facet of the heads do not appear to be usually vulnerable to bald-headed and have stronger hair follicles. Book A Consultation Avail Discount Call +91-82851-78300.


Dr. RAJAT KAPOOR is a well-renowned hair transplant surgeon who makes use of a realistic & sophisticated approach to perform the safest & efficient surgeries; making the patients comfortable during the whole treatment procedure. Having a vast experience in this field, he serves the patients at Follicare Hair Transplant. He can eliminate scarring and damage to the skin & surrounding follicles along with maintaining the highest standards of quality at each & every phase.

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