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Hair Transplant Cost

All the hair transplant clinics charge almost the same but the price of transplant will rely on the quantity of grafts needed by the patients. The charges can also change depending on who is your hair transplant doctor and which clinic you are visiting as well as how much is the complication level in performing the operation of that particular surgery.

The cost of hair transplant contains each and every thing that generates utmost benefits for the customers. An expert and skilled hair transplant surgeon considers various things while evaluating the scalp such as the current part of going bald and hair retreating, size and quantity of the follicular units, thickness desire and many others.

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Expertise Of Surgeon

The experience of the surgeon directly influences the price of the hair transplant procedure. More the doctor's expertise more will be the charges.

Clinic Location

Hair transplant cost in India varies from location to location. Clinics, which are highly modernized and located in Porsche areas within any city, cost higher than other ordinary clinics.

Procedure Of Surgery

FUE is more advanced and expensive method than FUT, as it is a minimally invasive procedure that needs more time, staff & concentration to perform.

Area Of Baldness

The cost primarily depends on the degree of hair loss someone has. More the bald area more will be the graft requirement; hence more will be cost of the procedure.

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