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Bio-Stimulated Follicular Unit Extraction (BIO FUE)

How to find out the best Bio Stimulated Follicular Unit Extraction (BIO FUE) Surgeon/Clinic?

  1. • Bio-FUE is a method of following a Follicular Unit Extraction process with some of the areas of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP).
  2. • PRP process work in this way that it collects patients’ blood, flowing the blood via PRP tools and techniques to get platelet rich plasma which is injected in the scalp.
  3. • Plasma increases the proteins and numerous of the other factors containing to the growth of hair resulting in continued existence of grafts, richer and longer hair.
  4. • PRP therapy assist the donor and recipient fields heal quicker without leaving scars and since the methods uses patients own blood, it does not guide any allergic reaction.
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